Taking another look at the progression of Korea’s first largest hyperscale data center!

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Naver’s new data center’s (Sejong Gak Data Center) construction news in Sejong City produced an explosive reaction last year. Here’s a background and update on what’s been going on.

To give a brief historical overview, Naver Cloud Platform was chosen to develop a new data center by the Sejong City through a land site selection last October 25th, henceforth signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that same year in 2019 on December 26th.

The project investment is worth 650 billion KRW for a total space of 293,697 square meters, which is 3 times the size of Naver’s first data center in Chuncheon.

Moreover, Sejong Gak Data Center flaunts 5 times the capacity of the previous one, allowing the simultaneous management of more than 100,000 servers.

The construction of the hyperscale data center that will be implementing cutting-edge technology is planned to be to completed by the end of 2022.

In the way that the Chuncheon Gak Data Center is running on sustainable energy, specifically wind power, Sejong Gak Data Center will also be implementing eco-friendly practices and techniques. The construction itself considers its surroundings and will adjust to not disrupt the nature around and within the center as much as possible.

Sejong Gak Data Center will be formed with a top-tier global hyperscale level of more than 100,000 servers, becoming one of the world’s largest cloud data centers for an independent enterprise. The facility proves its global competency as its capacity and performance is on par with global enterprises such as Microsoft or Apple.

What exactly is Hyperscale data center?

As the name suggests, a hyperscale data center is a type of data center which is much larger in size than conventional data centers. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory defines a hyperscale data center as one with a total computing system area of 36,000 square meters, while Synergy Research defines a hyperscale data center to be one that can manage at least 100,000 servers simultaneously in a facility sized more than 22,500 square meters. It also possesses the advantage of expandability and flexibility in computer functions including storage, memory and network.

Moreover, distributed processing is adopted in the operation of hyperscale data centers which makes the data center the heart of cloud computing business, where presenting customized solution for clients is crucial.

Although we have been well aware of the proficiency of hyperscale data centers, the United States has the largest amount of hyperscale data centers, while Korea has not even placed in the rankings. Although Korea produces a tremendous amount of data, ranking 5th in the world, many data center infrastructures do not quite meet the required standards to be deemed a hyperscale data center. Currently, as Pyeongchon LG U+ market center is the only one in the country said to be a hyperscale data center, the Sejong Gak data center will be one of the first hyperscale data centers in Korea.

With the construction of the Sejong Gak Data Center, we are stepping towards providing cloud services with outstanding infrastructure to our customers, while protecting the national data sovereignty and supporting Korea in the growth as a world power in the 4th industrial revolution.

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