[Client Case] Mirae Asset Capital: “With OCR, one person can complete the job of several people!”

Hello everyone! This is the Naver Cloud Platform.

Today’s customer case is Mirae Asset Capital, a financial company specializing in loans that provides specialized financial services tailored to the needs of customers seeking new growth investment capital.

Mirae Asset Capital recently expanded its retail business and created a new Customer Service (CS) team, which utilizes NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition Technology) to efficiently improve the process so that one person can handle the tasks that required two to three people in the past.

Check out the work innovations that the OCR technology brings in the interview below.


Interviewee: General Manager of Loan Management, Mirae Asset Capital



Q1. Please tell us about your company and the services you provide.

Our company was founded on June 4, 1997, with the aim of providing operating investment and financing for small business founders. We comprehensively conduct investments, financing, management and technology guidance for new technology entrepreneurs, establish new technology business investment associations, as well as manage and operate new technology business investment funds, facility rental business, installment financing business, and loan business. We provide services that are not limited to specific areas or products, ranging from personal financial services, such as stock loans, mortgage loan security, and auto lease and loans, to investments in the Fourth Industrial technology industry, including corporate finance, alternative investments, and new growth engines.

Q2. Why did you choose the NAVER Cloud Platform?

We decided that the NAVER Cloud Platform’s exclusive financial cloud was the most suitable system.

As of March this year, we established a loan management division at our company, and a customer service team focusing on customer consultation in the division opened. It was newly established as a need for the organization dedicated to inbound call service for customers and to increase our retail business, including lease installment of imported cars, stock loans, and mortgage loan security products created at the end of 2016.

It became necessary to introduce a new system in the situation where Mirae Asset’s professional consulting-related infrastructure was insufficient. We were investigating data on system construction information based on the reference established by the same industry line and we learned that NAVER, the top tech company in Korea, provides a cloud service. And on top of that, we found that NAVER Cloud Platform had a cloud-based customer service solution, and we are continuing to conduct internal reviews of the service upon contact with a NAVER Cloud platform representative.

Q3. Which services of the NAVER Cloud Platform are you currently using and how has it been helping you?

We were able to reduce the simple repetitive work and improve accuracy by using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which is one of the AI services.

The CS team mentioned earlier is also responsible for the post-management of our own lease vehicles in addition to inbound call consultation. For example, various traffic fines, penalties, and others that our clients are charged with during the use of our leased vehicle are billed to our company as the owner of the vehicle in the form of a giro, at which time the CS team identifies the contents of the penalty notice (vehicle information, violation information, etc.) and applies for a change of customer to the government office that issued the notice.

The task of separating the giro OCR paper and extracting the related contents was previously done by the staff, but due to the increase in the number of our management vehicles, the tangible and intangible management costs were overflowing and more mistakes were being made by the staff, making this an urgent issue to improve the work process. As a result, we sought various methods by conducting industry research and meetings with OCR outsourcing companies, but in the end, we decided to introduce the OCR reading function into the Mirae Asset System to switch to an optimized process suitable for our reality.

We encountered an technical research article that stated NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR service to be among the top performing OCR service, and since then we became interested in NAVER Cloud Platform services, so I signed up for the API service in its pilot form. There were many difficulties in learning the programming language and integration between our system and the API, especially as someone who has never studied this field, but with the help of the well-organized manual of the NAVER Cloud Platform and the chief producer in charge of each service, I became convinced that this service could be applied to our field. So, Mirae Asset Capital officially joined the NAVER OCR service, and now, one employee can handle the task that used to be overwhelming, even with two to three dedicated personnel, whilst working on other tasks as well.

Q4. What are the distinctive features or advantages of the NAVER Cloud Platform?

In terms of personal and corporate management, we believe that a cloud environment (system) will become the industry standard in the future. In this process, NAVER, which has the economies of scale with capital, technology, and large-scale upfront investment, will be unrivaled in the domestic market. Personally, I have also used Clova’s CSS and CPV in addition to the OCR service mentioned earlier. I feel that the service range is vast compared to other cloud platforms, and also that they provide excellent user access and technical convenience.

Q5. What type of services do you want to provide using the NAVER Cloud Platform in the future?

We are planning to introduce Chatbot and Clova Speech Recognition (CSR) to improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We are considering Chatbot as a customer response service, putting customer experience as a top priority in regards to digital transformation. We aim to reduce the time to find answers by allowing Chatbot to perform the customer center (call center) tasks of customer requests, such as responding to customer inquiries, checking reservation details, etc., and increase customer accessibilities by integrating CSR in the response service. Moreover, we are planning a service that can improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction through the ability to monitor customer satisfaction and incomplete sales.


Through this interview, we have seen how Mirae Asset Capital, a specialized loan company, uses NAVER Cloud Platform, and how they plan to implement more NAVER AI functions in the future.

Increasing work efficiency and accuracy by reducing simple, repetitive tasks is possible with the utilization of the NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR, Chatbot, Clova Speech Recognition, and others.

Moreover, NAVER Cloud Platform provides a more secure cloud environment as it operates a financial exclusive cloud with SOC international certification.

Check out more information on AI products and our financial cloud via the links below!



Thank you for reading!




We provide cloud-based information technology services for industry leaders from startups to enterprises.

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We provide cloud-based information technology services for industry leaders from startups to enterprises.

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